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Nathan Fernsby
Nathan Fernsby
Chief Executive Officer

Here's Nathan. I've watched the financial markets for the most of my life, and I have a profound, intuitive understanding of how they operate. It takes a lot of effort, time, and confusion to learn the ins and outs of investing. I didn't know a lot about money as a college dropout from the 1980s. I did make investments in the stock market, but I lost money for the majority of my career. The 2007/8 market crash was revolutionary for a lot of investors, including me. What was perfect in the past might not be ideal today. Our team will do its best to stay up-to-date with the information, and always maintain a human touch while providing market analysis or Forex Signals, hopefully making it easier for you to become a better potential investor.

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From simplicity to complexity while necessary information is kept open to you. Our analysts are always available to provide their help in identifying the ideal company to buy/sell under certain circumstances.

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Meet our Team

The A.M.A Team

The team for Investmentals Advanced Stock Market Analysis include:

Wayne Shepherd
Wayne Shepherd

Expert in presenting charts and graphs, visualizing financial data.

Brian Stevens
Brian Stevens

Finds investment opportunities that should be taken advantage of by investors.

Jim Boykin
Jim Boykin

Expert at identifying peaks, turning points, and important price moves.

Kylie Peterson
Kylie Peterson
Chief Editor

A lifelong student of the markets, represents the highest standards in financial writing.

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We are always happy to help our clients with any financial questions or worries they may have. At Investmentals, we provide a wide range of services and advice for different needs and budgets.
From personal finance to business accumulation, and from the stock market to Crypto trading, we offer tailored solutions for all your financial needs in our Help-Desk.
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