1. I have been using RSI Indicator ever since I started trading. But till now, I have not been able to make consistent profits using it. Why? What am I doing wrong?

2. How much money should I start with? I have heard that it is useless to start with anything below 100k$.

3. Can you help me with my student loans? I don’t know how to pay them back.

4. I am looking to start a business. I have heard that I will have to take a lot of loans to seed capital in the beginning, is this true? What if my business fails?

5. I want to buy a franchise. What are the various costs involved? How much capital should I raise?

6. I’ve been hearing about Market Manipulation. Does it exist? And if so, how often? And what effects does market manipulation have?

7. My coins have gone up in value by a lot since I bought them. Should I sell them?

8. I am a 34, Male. I have been planning for the retirement ever since I was 25. But am I going the right way? Is it worth saving? Because a ton of my colleagues have turned out millionaires already (they started at the same time). I think I am being misguided about the system. Can you help me?

9. My wife and I have earned a considerable amount of passive income over the years. We are in the process of buying property and starting a family but nothing has gone right since we bought that first apartment. What is going on?

10. I have heard that Robots/Automated trading tools do not work in the Forex market. Is it true? And if so, what are some good strategies for Forex trading?

11. How can I save my marriage when my wife spends so much money and is always demanding more?

12. I have lost a ton of money trading. How do I get it back? I think with proper planning, I can get it all back, but need an initial boost.

13. Should I start buying gold in anticipation of the next crash? Or wait for one to happen and pick up some at that time? If one does happen, how much should I buy now, before prices go down further?

14. I think there is a faster way to accumulate wealth, that is currently not being adjusted into my sight. Can you please open my eyes?

15. What would you do when you see a Financial News Source making a factually incorrect statement? I mean, what should be the proper way to handle it?

16. Can I predict the Stock Market? How can I predict the Stock Market?

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