Our web­site investmentals.com aims to make mon­ey with meth­ods like:

1) Membership/Subscription for our Pre­mi­um Trad­ing Sig­nals Plan
2) Affil­i­ate Links
3) Adver­tise­ment

Membership/Subscription for our Pre­mi­um Plan: We will charge a month­ly mem­ber­ship fee of $49 per month. There­fore each month­ly sub­scrip­tion will cost $49. The mem­ber­ship fee will be deduct­ed from your card every month direct­ly by our pay­ment proces­sor. This is the most sta­ble way for us to make mon­ey, and it has been func­tion­ing for months with­out any issues. Our cus­tomers are ful­ly sat­is­fied with us and pre­fer to renew the sub­scrip­tion every month.

Affil­i­ate Links: We will give you a link so that you can place an adver­tise­ment on your web­site or blog and earn mon­ey when peo­ple click on it and end up pur­chas­ing the product/service that we rec­om­mend on our website.

Adver­tise­ments: We will also run var­i­ous adver­tise­ments on our web­site. They appear most­ly at the top and the bot­tom of the pages on our website.