1. My coins have gone up in value by a lot since I bought them. Should I sell them? What are the risks involved? Are there any tax consequences if I sell them now?

2. I need a legal advice for my business. Is it legal for me to do what I have been doing in the past?

3. Are there any tax benefits in holding bitcoin long term? What are the risks of holding Bitcoin and how can I mitigate them?

4. I have been staying in a foreign country for the past 2 months, and can’t return back home. Is it possible to have my funds transferred back home on the same timeframe?

6. My business got robbed last Sunday. What is the exact amount of compensation my insurance company is going to give me? The business was worth around 3.2 Million.

7. I lost my wallet (on a foreign country). I don’t want to open a new account there and lose all my funds. Is it possible? Will they replace my lost wallet? Will they hold me responsible if I open an account in the country where the wallet was lost?

8. I’ve lost all my money trading. What can I do now?

9. What is the default settings on RSI indicator?

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